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Obituary for Janet Elizabeth Foy (Howatt)

In the gentle embrace of fading autumn leaves, Janet Elizabeth Foy, 86, of Sudbury, Ontario, and Tryon, PEI, bid her final farewell on Thursday, November 9th, succumbing to a brief but valiant battle with cancer.

Born on July 22, 1937, to the loving arms of Asher and Dorothy Howatt in the heart of Tryon, PEI, Janet's journey unfolded like the petals of a timeless flower. Following her high school years in Summerside, PEI, she embarked on a remarkable odyssey, intertwining the tapestry of her life with the joy of raising six children, stewarding the family farm in PEI, relocating the family to Sudbury, Ontario, and pursuing her education at Cambrian College, where she earned her Drafting Diploma. Janet's professional path encompassed diverse roles, including the noble calling of a Sales Representative.

The serendipity of fate graced Janet in 1942 when she crossed paths with Keith Foy at Tyron Consolidated Grade School—a quaint two-room schoolhouse in Tryon, PEI. Childhood comrades blossomed into lifelong companions, and the tapestry of their love nearly spanned seven decades, missing the milestone of their 70th anniversary on December 12th by a mere 33 days. Together, Janet and Keith welcomed six children into the world: Rick, Alan, Patricia, Dorothy, Russell, and Andy.

In 1986, Janet gracefully stepped into the realm of retirement, allowing the canvas of her life to be adorned with the strokes of artistic passion. Her days were adorned with the hues of creativity as she painted with love, a testament to a soul deeply connected to the beauty of the world. Janet generously devoted her time to various volunteering activities at St. Stephen's on the Hill United Church, finding solace and purpose in selfless service.

Through many winters, Janet sought warmth in the embrace of family, traversing oceans to visit her daughter Dorothy and family in Australia. There, amidst the sun-kissed landscapes, she nurtured her Palomino horse Cash, cultivated vibrant gardens, and embarked on countless Australian adventures.

Janet's artistic fervor transcended the canvas, inspiring not only admiration but also kindling the creative flames within her own family. Her paintings, a testament to a soul ablaze with passion, kindled artistic spirits in her children, including Alan, Andrea, and the newcomer, Bo.

As the golden sun of her life sets, Janet is preceded in death by her parents Asher and Dorothy (Mum) Howatt, her siblings Warren and Mary, and her daughter Patricia. She leaves behind cherished memories etched in the hearts of her siblings, Carol and Bobby; her beloved husband Keith; her children Rick, Alan, Dorothy, Russell, and Andy; a lineage of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren, each a testament to the enduring legacy of a life well-lived.

A celebration of Janet's life will unfold at St. Stephen's on the Hill United Church, 1248 Lauzon, Greater Sudbury, ON P3A 3E1, Canada, on Saturday, November 18th, at 2:00 PM. Friends are welcome at the church after 1pm for visitation. In lieu of flowers, the family humbly requests donations be made to the Canadian Cancer Society, honoring the spirit of resilience that defined Janet's remarkable journey.